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Are the promises of PLR leaving you frustrated? Maybe they aren’t telling you everything. 

“Discover The Truth  About PLR From Someone Who Isn’t Trying To Sell  It To You.”

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Let’s look at what PLR really is. Private Label Rights is content, in “mass production” which, is great because thru the miracle of mass production, prices are brought down to an affordable level.

An affordable level means there is still profit left for the savvy marketer who has an angle for selling it.

Did Paul Newman Really Make Salad Dressing?

In the book I wrote, I explain how we see this Private Labeling work all around us, everyday. I use an example of a high school that sells BBQ sauce for a fundraiser. The home economics class isn’t making the sauce, of course. My gosh, that would be a lot of work to get out of teenagers. Not to mention all the red tape!

Imagine getting permits from the state, county and local governments, TB shots for all the food handling students. Not to mention equipment, supplies and on and on.

How fun!

Probably, one of the government agency’s would have to shut them down for something.

Isn’t that how it goes?

No, when a high school wants to sell “sauce” as a fundraiser they go to the same place the store brands go to. There are companies already making great sauce and for a small mark-up they’ll let anyone put there name on it.

That’s Private Labeling, one entity concentrates on making great products and they let those who are better at selling, sell it.

Stores have built trust into their name and can sell the bejeebers out of the sauce. Kids in high school can sell the beejeebers out of the sauce by pulling on the heart strings of moms and dads, aunts and uncles who can’t bear to see them’ kids still playing football in the same teal uniforms they wore back in the seventies.

Then, why do some people succeed using PLR while others fail?

The ingredients are simple like a good sauce, and you can break it down into just two maxims, “Attention and Angle“.

In the book I expound on these concepts and their importance. I also break  things down into simple techniques that you can use, to help you accomplish these feats one at a time.  But for the moment, I want to at least get you acquainted with these two concepts, if you are not already.

As Internet marketers we need attention so we’ve developed this love/hate relationship with the search engines. We need them to lead people to our door. But, if we use affordable Private Label Content or “mass produced content,” the search engines may see a few of the exact same things from a few different people and stop  and say, “Whoa, what do I do? I can’t show them all”. So, they have to choose one. (more help on getting yours to be the “chosen one” in my book) Then you of course will want to change your mass produced content some (how much?… see the book) to make yours stand out from the group.

Some of us Entrepreneur’s like to call the “Angle” the Unique Selling Point but it’s just a fancy way of saying, (like from the high school sauce story) “are you a “store brand” or a “high schooler” or something in between?”

What’s your angle?

You know this better than me (but I’ll still give you helpful tips later).

The important thing is, that you know “your people”, how they look for things on the web and how you want to make your “sauce” look, to make your sales.

When selling PLR products like this, you don’t need to go inside the bottles and add ingredients to sell the “sauce”  you just need to make the label your own, so customers know who to thank when they get it and where to come back to, when they’re hungry again.

Angle goes hand in hand with Attention. So when you do the one, you pretty much have the other one. We call that the Two-fer!

“But If I Have To Change PLR, Why Would I Even Buy It”

First off, you don’t always have to change PLR.

Only in a few circumstances do you need to tweak it; like when your using it to seduce the search engines.

There are times when it is perfectly sound to just use PLR “as is”.  Like if you’re selling a complete PLR ebook. (more examples like auto responders and site filler etc. later) But, in the case of the ebook; while it is “hands off” you still should take the time to read it. Just like the kids in high school would crack open a bottle and dip their fingers in for a taste. It only makes good sense if your selling something, that you should have a some idea of how good it is, so you are able to tell everyone. “Mom and dad this sauce is the bomb, we should get some! In fact, we have to buy at least one because I opened one on the bus ride home.”

Always check the quality of your PLR products because a good product makes for a happy returning customer. And while you’re checking it… why not change it a little by adding your affiliate links. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table and just showing how much more you need to learn about IM.

Okay, Okay, But Nobody Likes Change!

You might be saying “Okay, so you don’t always have to change it, but why use it when you do?

Two words…S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G and E-A-S-Y!

If you use some other work, other than Private Label Rights, (even if you change it) it’s plagiarism, stealing, illegal, immoral, grounds for legal action, damaging to your credibility and your mother wouldn’t approve.

When you buy Private Label Rights work, you own the rights to call it your own you can change it if you choose or not, but you own the rights! 

Why risk it when PLR is so cheap?

If it’s not Private Label Rights and you want to use it, you either have to write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Writing it yourself from scratch takes precious time away from more profitable things you could be doing and hiring someone to write for you, is very expensive and cuts deeply into your coveted profit margin.


There are two kinds of online entrepreneurs in the world right now…

Those to poor to buy anything other than PLR content and those who are so rich because they have used PLR.

Successful entrepreneurs have learned there is no better way to make money than to use cheap PLR because they know when and how to use “mass produced” content to their advantage.

I want to teach you the right way.

You see, almost all of my richest friends are some of the stingiest people you’ll ever meet. They leave the smallest tips, bend over for a pennies on the sidewalk and will never pay full price for anything. The rich mindset says, “just because I can afford it, doesn’t mean I will buy it unless…

A) I have to or B) I really just want it.

And because PLR is so plentiful and cheap and easy to use, no rich fat cat can ignore its appeal.

Finding and using “the good deals” in business, is what leaves the money left over for the finer things in life. Be it our sports cars, our boats or our spouses (not necessarily in that order)

“Before You Try To Sell Another Private Label Product Put Yourself In The Buyers Shoes!

Think about how you buy things on the Internet and ask yourself, do you meet the same stringent litmus test you set for others?

When your searching for a solution to a problem on the Internet are you likely to do any of the following:

  • Go with one of the first ten options the search engine provides for you?
  • If two solutions seem identical go with the cheapest priced one?
  • Buy something from a site that has a lot of good free information available because they seem like they know what they are talking about?
  • Go with a site that served you well in the past out of loyalty and fear of the unknown?

Bilked a site for as much free information as you could, hopping you wouldn’t have to spend any money. But, if it had good information you bookmarked the site so you could go back when you needed help in that area again?

If you said “YES” to any or all of the above, your in good company. Most people act that way.

The question is:

Does your site fit any of those criteria?

The answer is: 

With some cheap PLR and the “know-how” combined with a little elbow grease, you can be all that and more! 

Let me introduce the “know-how”!

“PLR Profit Points”

This is the ebook that has been begging to be written! Finally some cold hard facts and serious advice about PLR. No over hyped garbage just nuts and bolts info about what you can do and what you can’t do with PLR.

An honest, helpful perspective with advice on the easiest ways to overcome some of PLR’s real limitations. Yes, even a rare and frank discussion, admitting PLR does have some limitations, without bashing PLR, which is a very affordable marketing tool.

All yours to look over and learn from risk free!

So without further adieu, let me introduce…


Here’s Just A Sneek Peek Of What’s Revealed Inside:

  •   We’ll delve into a deeper understanding of what PLR is
  •   We’ll cover the different Licenses and Rights that go along with    different PLR
  •   We’ll get into the differences between PLR and Resell Rights and  the benefits and limitations of both
  •  We’ll debunk some of the popular myths concerning PLR
  •   We’ll show you how to use PLR “for content” differently in  different situations
  •    We’ll guide you on how to make and sell ebooks from PLR the right way
  •   We’ll teach you to use PLR to make interesting and insightful  auto-responders
  •   We’ll find you ways to grow your list fast using PLR
  •   We’ll show you how to use PLR you already have, to make more    products for back end sales and increase your profit funnel
  •   You’ll also learn how to turn your blog into a traffic magnet with PLR
  •   We’ll explain how to use PLR for a successful article marketing  campaign
  •  Well tweak your imagination and inspire you to create new audio and video content using old PLR as the spring board
  •  You’ll also Learn how to use PLR as a quick research tool for 100% original content
  •   You’ll learn what it takes to work PLR into sites like squido, hubpages and  other user generated web 2.0 sites for profit
  •   We’ll tell you what the biggest mistake in the PLR world is 
  •   You’ll see why and when editing is essential
  •   You’ll know what level of adjustment to PLR is needed for specific  purposes 
  •    You’ll be learning how to do stylish re-writes almost with your    eyes closed
  •    You’ll be adding great keywords to your PLR for better SEO
  •     How to find PLR and what to look for to satisfy your needs 
  •   We’ll even show you what you need to get into the biz, if you decide you have something to offer the world of PLR


You’ll get all this in one ebook!

That’s right! 

I was so proud of how this ebook turned out that I commissioned   a professional to turn it into an audio book which I’m throwing in with the ebook as a special bonus! 


“PLR If Put Into The Right Hands…”

Join the fat cats, be a smart and stingy PLR connoisseur!

Why waste another second more or another dime buying PLR without knowing the valuable information in this book? Try the book out now, start using the information to make your life better.

How many mistakes would it take you to learn just what’s in half of this ebook?

Using Private Label Rights To Your Maximum Advantage

PLR Profit Points

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